Czech Beekeepers Union is a civic organization and its members are beekeepers (physical and juristic persons) and supporters of beekeeping. This branch of human activity belongs to the oldest one on the Earth.
Czech Beekeepers Union has more than 50 thousand members. This number represents 98 per cent of all beekeepers in our Republic. The Czech Republic belongs to countries with the highest membership rate of beekeepers.
Czech organized beekeepers keep about half a million bee colonies. Those are 98 per cent of the total number of bee colonies registered on the territory of the Czech Republic.
Main tasks of the Czech Beekeepers Union among others are care for the growth of professional and social level of members, effect on the youth and winning of young people for the beekeeping, co-operation with legislative and executive state organs, government institutions and non government organizations as to provide legislative steps and other activities which lead to the support of the apiculture, research, good health of bee colonies, pollination function as irreplaceable natural activity and protection of foraging sources. The statutes that are its fundamental program document rule all activity of the Association.
Czech Beekeepers Union is in the world well acknowledged organization because of outstanding results achieved in maintaining the health of bee colonies and because of well processed methods in the standard preventive procedure against the spreading of bee diseases.
Czech Beekeepers Union is the member of two international federations. These are Apimondia (World Federation of Beekeepers' Associations) and Apislavia (Federation of European beekeeping organizations from East European and Danube regional countries).
Czech Beekeepers Union e-mail: csv@volny.cz